Foundation Overview

Vision: peace through governance
Mission: to catalyze systems that eliminate root causes of war


  1. We expect excellence
  2. We are relentlessly empirical
  3. We are stewards of the long term
  4. We solve problems by engaging stakeholders
Marcel C. Arsenault and Cynda Collins Arsenault endowed One Earth Future with the belief that solving complex problems facing humanity calls for a fundamentally different way of working together. Rather than institutions working to achieve mandates, sustainable peace requires a global system of networks working to solve problems.
Because complex problems can only be solved by adaptive organizations, One Earth Future is structured as an incubator of semi-autonomous programs. Each program works for sustainable solutions to a specific problem, while gathering and sharing lessons about cooperative governance more broadly. 
Whether we are supporting grassroots coalitions in Colombia, connecting Somali businesses to lenders abroad, or working towards cooperative solutions to maritime piracy worldwide, One Earth Future will remain focused on its vision of sustainable peace through cooperative governance.

Annual Reports