Director of Operations & Administration

Primary Role: 

Reporting to the President and serving as an integral member of the OEF leadership team, the Director of Operations will be responsible for managing and directing all activities, and providing hands-on leadership that brings together all operations of the Foundation.

The Director of Operations & Administration will have bottom line responsibility for leading and managing the initiatives undertaken by the organization. You will be responsible for overseeing activities pertaining to contracts, security, creative services, public relations, events, strategic planning integration, IT, facilities, and other foundation operations that are required to effectively and efficiently support the organization’s purpose.

The Director of Operations & Administration will be responsible for organizing, operating, and staffing all operations. In conjunction with the President, you will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the annual budget and for ensuring that OEF’s nonprofit’s services and funding, are in compliance with all national, state, and city regulations, certifications, and licensing requirements. Finally, the Director of Operations & Administration will assist the President in planning, organizing, implementing OEF projects in accordance with standards set by the President.