Safe Network Director

Organization Summary: 

One Earth Future (OEF) is a privately endowed operating foundation based near Boulder, Colorado. Founded by real estate entrepreneur Marcel Arsenault, OEF works to harness the power of networked governance to undermine the drivers of organized political violence.

OEF is structured as a family of semi-autonomous programs, each with its own mission, budget, director, and advisory board, and each working independently to catalyze systems of collaborative governance around the world. OEF’s programs focus on topics ranging from maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia to coordinating the implementation of the Colombia peace accords. What holds them all together is a common purpose – to provide effective platforms for stakeholders from all sectors of society to enhance their collective impact over the long term.

More than merely funding these programs, OEF provides administrative, creative, strategic, and research support to innovative yet unproven programs. This enables OEF programs to challenge the status quo and establish themselves sufficiently in the systems they seek to impact before seeking diversified funding streams.

OEF operates differently from its peers; it is more experimental and takes a longer-term view. This approach can position OEF to play a unique role in solving some of the world’s most complex and persistent problems.


Over the last decade, the civilian capacity to produce and manage relevant non-classified data has improved rapidly, coupled with an equally rapid reduction in cost. This, combined with a cadre of recently retired senior military and foreign policy officials motivated to confront nuclear weapons risks, presents an unprecedented opportunity for impact. Thanks to OEF’s financial independence, we are well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

In 2018, OEF will launch its newest program: The Shared Awareness, Fusion, and Engagement (SAFE) Network. The SAFE Network will be an apolitical, data-driven, civilian network dedicated to nuclear weapons risk reduction, military conflict de-escalation, and crisis prevention by:

  • Compiling and synthesizing open-source, crowd-sourced, and commercial data and intelligence;
  • Producing state-of-the-art analyses targeted at de-escalation of conflict between nuclear weapons states;
  • Building relationships and sharing information across conflict boundaries;
  • Enlisting a network of retired senior military officers, nuclear weapons experts, senior diplomats, and other qualified third parties to interrupt and/or delay potential conflict escalation.
Primary Role: 

The Director of the SAFE Network will report to the President of OEF. The core responsibilities of the Director will be to ensure the success of the SAFE Network, build institutional systems for impact, and foster a culture of excellence at all levels. The Director is accountable for leading and managing all initiatives undertaken by the SAFE Network, including planning, organizing, staffing, and supervising program activities.

This position requires a highly specialized skill set and expertise related to nuclear weapons risk reduction and military conflict de-escalation. The ideal candidate will have significant project management experience across technical, analytic, and policy-oriented teams, as well as a demonstrated ability to manage multiple competing demands. As this is a new program, the Director will be tasked with leading all aspects of the initial design, development, implementation, and management of the SAFE Network. 

Reports To

The President of OEF.