Somalia Field Manager, Secure Fisheries

Organization Summary: 

One Earth Future (OEF) is an international nonprofit, nongovernmental organization with a mission to catalyze systems that eliminate root causes of war, leading to our tagline “Peace Through Governance.” OEF focuses on both researching and developing ideas, and implementing those ideas through practical programs.


Secure Fisheries is committed to promoting food and economic security in Somalia by combating illegal fishing and supporting sustainable fisheries management. Fisheries in Somalia offer an important revenue source, most immediately through licensing of foreign offshore fishing vessels. In coastal communities, inshore fisheries also offer opportunities to build resiliency through food and economic security. Research shows reliable access to food and stable food prices are a key component of such resiliency, which can reduce the likelihood that tensions turn into violence.

Consistent and coordinated legislation and sustainable management planning are crucial a country to derive lasting benefits from its fishing sector. Secure Fisheries is a member of the International Partner (IGO/NGO) Fisheries Working Group supporting Somali offshore fisheries management. The new Field Manager in Somalia will help Secure Fisheries to provide greater support to Federal and Regional Member State ministries in their pursuit of offshore fisheries management, and enable Secure Fisheries to increase the depth and breadth of its research around Somali fisheries as a tool for promoting food and economic security in Somalia.

Primary Role: 

The Field Manager will lead Secure Fisheries’ work on the ground in Somalia. S/he will coordinate with the federal and regional governments to support their development of offshore fisheries management mechanisms, and will also lead research efforts in the field. The Field Manager will regularly communicate and collaborate with the Secure Fisheries team to ensure findings in Somalia are integrated into research and strategies developed in the Broomfield office, and simultaneously the findings from Broomfield are integrated into the approaches used in Somalia. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Forming and maintaining partnerships with fisheries governance stakeholders at the federal, regional, and community levels to facilitate coordinated management planning.
  • Coordinating with investors, donors, and developers to ensure project development is sustainable, aligns with fisheries management plans, and does not contribute to conflict.
  • Supporting cooperation between fishers and fisheries managers, such as through Secure Fisheries hosted events and workshops.
  • Facilitating field research to assess the role of women in Somali fisheries and build knowledge of fishing sector needs for Secure Fisheries’ online mapping tool, Project Badweyn.
  • Planning and running meetings and workshops with Somali fishing communities in support of Secure Fisheries research.

Reports To

Director, Secure Fisheries