OEF Research Discusses Critical Issues Facing Women, Peace, and Security

Medals Given to Female Poice Officers in Haiti - Bangladeshi all-female FPU
Event Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Event Location: International Peace Institute

OEF Research presented a discussion at the International Peace Institute on the critical issues facing Women, Peace, and Security.  The discussion is based on a recent Global Governance journal article “Women, Peace, and Security: Are We There Yet?” by Melissa LaBonte and Gaynel Curry.

Read the article here.

The discussion was formatted in a world café style conversation, where each table deliberated topics relating to women’s leadership and participation, adequate resources, and human rights.  Education, health, and economic security were generally the most important to participants, who underlined that the Sustainable Development Goals provide a strategic entry point to make progress in these areas.

Photos by Joe Peoples.

Organizers and participants from OEF, ACUNS, FES New York, and Inclusive Security with one of the articles authors, Melissa LaBonte.

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