OEF Research Presents the Power of Business in Fragile States

Businesses in fragile states
Event Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Event Location: Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), Washington, D.C.

In a new report, OEF Research's Dr. Victor Odundo Owuor provided a look at how the private sector continues to function in fragile states. The study is based on extensive field research in South Sudan, Somaliland, and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The findings draw out common characteristics of business in fragile states and emphasize that the influence and behavior of the business community can be channeled to address the problems that are pervasive in fragile economies.  

Dr. Owuor presented his work at CIPE where a panel of representatives from global insitutions and the business community discussed the study's findings and engaged in a Q&A on the current role and potential of business in fragile states. The panel included the following:

  • Lars Benson, Regional Director for Africa, Center for International Private Enterprise.
  • Arshad Sayed, Chief Executive Officer, Global Connect.
  • Thilasoni Benjamin Musuku, Senior Private Sector Specialist - Africa Region (and Task Lead for the World Bank’s Financial/Private Sector Operation in Somalia/Somaliland).
  • Danielle Walker, Senior Director, U.S.-Africa Business Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • Scott Stearns, State Department Correspondent, Voice of America (discussion moderator).

Click here for the full report, Firm Behavior in Fragile States: The Cases of Somaliland, South Sudan, and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

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