Future Labs
OEF's Future Labs Department develops new programs for the foundation in order to further its mission of peace through governance. Future Labs also houses its own projects which work to enhance human collaboration in the interest of peace, benefitting OEF programs through technological and methodological innovations as well as access to new networks.
Future Labs is currently working on three potential programs/projects:
SAFE Network: The Shared Awareness, Fusion, and Engagement (SAFE) Network program seeks to harness non-classified data and analytics to prevent runaway escalation that could result in a nuclear exchange.
PASO Venezuela: PASO Venezuela (Paz Sostenible para Venezuela - Sustainable Peace for Venezuela) seeks to catalyze and support localized multi-sector networks to interrupt cycles of mistrust and conflict through collaborative problem-solving.
CoLab: Working closely with renowned negotiation expert and OEF Board Member William Ury, CoLab is exploring ways to amplify, distill, and democratize the practical wisdom of successful conflict transformation.