MT IRIS 13 Hijacking Incident
UPDATE: HOSTAGES RELEASED After Somali Pirates Hijack First Merchant Vessel in Five Years

OEF's Oceans Beyond Piracy program reports that while this incident does not indicate a large-scale return of Somali piracy, vessels should follow best management practices when traveling in the region.

Fisheries and conflict
How Fishing Can Start and Stop Conflict

Understanding the links between fisheries and violent armed conflict is becoming increasingly important.

The Impact of Gender Blindness on Peacekeeping

The latest blog from OEF's Our Secure Future program details how gender blindness can negatively impact the work of a peacekeeping mission. It has implications for disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, protection of civilians, and integrating women in peacekeeping missions. 

Research on Refugees and U.S. National Security
OEF Research Provides Fact Sheet on Refugees and U.S. National Security

This fact sheet gives an overview of the U.S. refugee admittance process and the current research on the threat posed to U.S. national security by refugees.

Sustaining Conflict Resolution after Natural Disasters
Understanding the Contexts for Natural Disasters and Conflict Resolution

This blog post from OEF Research examines whether natural disasters give international actors opportunity to promote long-term peace or inevitably prolong conflict.

Non-state actors building peace
New "Intersections" Initiative Highlights Non-State Actors Building a More Peaceful World

OEF Research has launched its "Intersections" initiative: a multimedia ourtreach effort that shows how non-state actors like businesses and NGOs are using innovative approaches to make sustainable peace more possible than ever.

For Predicting Elections Globally, Polls Do Surprisingly Well

Although the outcome of the recent U.S.

Ships off Horn of Africa
Oceans Beyond Piracy Tracks Evolving Maritime Threats

Attacks on vessels near the Horn of Africa at the end of 2016 reflect a growing trend of maritime insecurity which is not following traditional forms of piracy.