Paving a Path toward Peace in 2016

As we look back on 2016, the entire One Earth Future family can be proud of positive impact on the lives of people and in the communities in which we work. Due in large part to the work of our five legacy programs, Oceans Beyond Piracy, Shuraako, Secure Fisheries, PASO Colombia, and OEF Research, and our two new programs, Our Secure Future and Shared Resources, 2016 was a brighter, more peaceful year for many families.

We are grateful to our partners, advisors, stakeholders, and supporters around the world for being a part of our 2016 highpoints:

  • Local projects in Colombia—bolstered by the peace deal between the Colombian government and the FARC—are creating opportunities to reintegrate ex-combatants, drive economic development, and repair communities torn apart by decades of war.
  • Twenty-eight former hostages, held for years by Somali pirates, are safe at home with their families.
  • Many Somali communities have better economic security, as twenty-four Somali businesses gained access to investment capital, and Somali businesses that want to incorporate renewable energy technology now have better access to financing.
  • The Somaliland Coast Guard has a new operations center that is improving maritime safety and communications in Somali waters.
  • Policy makers and industry leaders have well-researched, data-rich reports with which to make informed decisions on the topics of seafarer mental health, the security of our oceans, leveraging investment in Somalia, and the political landscape as it relates to gender equality and forecasting coup d’états. 

We look forward to 2017, and wish you a peaceful holiday and New Year.

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