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The Weakening of Institutions in Europe and U.S. Puts Peace at Risk

BROOMFIELD, Colorado - December 15, 2017 - Scholar and peace activist, David Cortright, and his co-authors, Conor Seyle and Kristen Wall, argue that a lack of institutional accountability and a trend toward right wing populism are jeopardizing peace in the United States and other countries in their new book, Governance for Peace: How Inclusive, Participatory and Accountable Institutions Promote Peace and Prosperity.

Peace by the Numbers: A Debate

A new analysis of conflict data begs the question: do the data show a random risk of major war, or is there evidence that the decline in wars over the past 70 years is related to external causes?

Workshop Attempts to Answer the Question: How Do You Measure Peace?

JULY 18, 2017—BROOMFIELD, Colo. — The International Peace Institute (IPI) and One Earth Future (OEF), along with the Permanent Mission of Bangledesh to the United Nations and the SDG 16 Data Initiative, will host an Innovation in Partnerships workshop, entitled “SDG 16: How to Measure Peace.” The event, featuring a World Café format, takes place at the International Peace Institute in New York on July 20.  Read more.


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