Kaija Hurlburt

Associate Director

Kaija has expertise in environmental policy, maritime governance and multi-stakeholder coordination. At Secure Fisheries, Kaija helps lead the staff’s work across its three focus areas. Outside of Secure Fisheries, Kaija launched OBP’s efforts in West Africa and was lead author on OBP’s three Human Cost of Piracy reports, shedding light on the plight of seafarers exposed to maritime piracy. Prior to joining OEF, Kaija worked for the Institutions and Governance Program at World Resources Institute where she researched and analyzed the impacts of international climate change projects. She previously worked in microfinance as a Peace Corps volunteer in Albania and as a financial analyst at Clarion Partners, LLC in Seattle, WA. Kaija received her MA in International Environmental Policy and Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and her BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington.