Ahmed Haibe

Business Development Services Specialist/Field Assistant - Somaliland

Ahmed Haibe was born in Somaliland where he completed his early and higher education. He gained his first degree in Business Administration from Mahed College – a UK accredited institute in Somaliland. Ahmed went on the study in the USA and acquired a Post Graduate Diploma in M&E and Project Management from Michigan University.

Ahmed has over 10 years of extensive experience in business development services which is drawn from his work at various local and international organizations. He previously worked with DAALLO Airlines as a Marketing & Sales Coordinator and later as a Finance Manager. In his work as a private sector development consultant, Ahmed worked for the Somaliland Business Fund to assist World Bank grantees with business proposal writing and staff development trainings. He has also worked with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as Project Coordinator for various different projects including the Mobile Money project in Somaliland.

Ahmed is a very enthusiastic, dynamic, and amicable young man with an ability to make a difference. In his leisure time, Ahmed plays football and volleyball and enjoys going to the gym.