Lee C. Sorensen


Lee Sorensen is an entrepreneur with 25-plus years’ executive business experience creating healthcare, mental health, and education companies. He combined his business background with peace building by completing a Master’s Degree in Peace and Justice Studies from the University of San Diego (USD) Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, with a focus on human security, poverty elevation, and structural inequality leading to conflict, particularly unequal distribution of resources. His development projects include child and maternal health, education, and peace building through many parts of Africa, including Tanzania, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. He is on the advisory board of several organizations including, RAND’s African First Ladies Initiative, which he helped found; the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies; the USD Center for Peace and Commerce; and the Institute for Peace and Justice Women Peacemakers Program. Prior to OEF, Lee was US Director of Outreach at the Institute for Economics and Peace. He is a passionate explorer of the relationship between peace, business, governance, and human wellbeing.