Saskia Westhof

Program & Planning Specialist

Saskia Westhof is the Business Ecosystem and Forum Specialist for Shuraako. Saskia received her MA from the London School of Economics where she focused on social accountability and quality education.  She joined One Earth Future (OEF) with work experience on four continents. Prior to OEF she lived in New York City and worked for Restless Development (a youth-led development agency) and worked as a demography consultant on child policy issues in various developing countries. Most recently she worked as a strategy and fundraising consultant for a Boulder-based NGO called Global Education Fund, and as a research consultant for the Mwananchi Project (a non-profit focusing on citizen participation in governance and public service delivery in African countries). She also worked with UNICEF in Bhutan to help develop their fundraising and communications strategy. In her free time she enjoys exploring the great outdoors through climbing, running and camping with her husband and friends.

  • Business Engagement
  • Development
  • Governance
  • International Development
  • International Investing
  • Non-State Actors
  • Somalia
  • Sustainability