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We Believe OEF Video
We Believe: A Video Overview of OEF's Work

At One Earth Future we believe that solving complex problems facing humanity calls for a fundamentally different way of working together. Rather than institutions working to achieve mandates, sustainable peace requires a global system of networks working to solve problems.

Milk Horse Buga, Colombia
Peace in Colombia: Building Strong Communities with Milk

In Vereda El Placer, Buga, OEF's PASO Colombia program is working with residents, who have lived under FARC control for over fifty years, to build a milk processing plant.

Powering Progress: Renewable Energy in the Somali Region

In the 21st century access to energy has become a basic human need and foundational to the Somali Region’s economic development, health, and security.


At Sea For All - The Importance of Seafarers and Their Wellbeing

Seafarers, and their families, have faced fear and uncertainty, and in some cases, direct abuse from pirates.

Somali Pirates Taking Boat
Somali Piracy: Resetting the Stage?

Somalia: A series of attacks in 2015 may serve as an indication that the stage is being set for piracy’s return off the coast of Somalia.

Justice For Seafarers
Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: No Justice for Seafarers

While coastal states in the Gulf of Guinea have taken steps to increase their naval capacity, resulting in a few high profile arrests and a reduction in the number of hijacking for cargo theft, they have failed to establish effective systems for prosecution.

Orkim Harmony Search Pirates
Counter-Piracy in Southeast Asia: The Search for the Orkim Harmony

The successful recapture of the Malaysian tanker Orkim Harmony shows how effective regional cooperation against piracy can be.

Compromise Within Islamic State
Ideological Compromises within the Islamic State - Graeme Wood

Graeme Wood talked to OEF about the successes and failure of the Islamic State.

Sanam Anderlini on Peace
Countering Extremism Through Narrative - Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini

Sanam Anderlini talked to OEF about peace and conflict in the modern world and the need to build inclusive societies and political systems.

Juan Andrés Cano Discusses Technology for Peace

Juan Andrés Cano talked to OEF about the importance of creating a good environment through collaboration with different actors and sectors in order to address conflict.