Executive Assistant to OEF’s CEO and Strategic Advisor

Organization Summary: 

One Earth Future (OEF) is a privately endowed operating foundation based near Boulder, Colorado. Founded by real estate entrepreneur Marcel Arsenault, OEF works to harness the power of networked governance to undermine the drivers of organized political violence.

OEF is structured as a family of semi-autonomous programs, each with its own mission, budget, director, and advisory board, and each working independently to catalyze systems of collaborative governance around the world. OEF’s programs focus on topics ranging from encouraging economic development and stability in Somalia to coordinating the implementation of the Colombia peace accords. What holds them all together is a common purpose – to provide effective platforms for stakeholders from all sectors of society to enhance their collective impact over the long term.

More than merely funding these programs, OEF provides administrative, creative, strategic, and research support to innovative yet unproven programs. This enables OEF programs to challenge the status quo and establish themselves sufficiently in the systems they seek to impact before seeking diversified funding streams.

OEF operates differently from its peers; it is more experimental and takes a longer-term view. This approach can position OEF to play a unique role in solving some of the world’s most complex and persistent problems.

Primary Role: 

Marcel Arsenault is the Founder and CEO of OEF, as well as the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Real Capital Solutions the real estate investment company providing the source for OEF’s endowment.  Mr. Arsenault plays an active role in the foundation and is driven, ambitious, and hardworking contributor to its success. 

The Strategic Advisor works closely with the CEO in a variety of capacities while also serving as the Director of OEF’s Future Labs Department leading the team that develops and validates new program ideas, identifies and onboards program directors, and designs program strategies.  He also leads the administration of OEF’s Board of Directors and program Advisory Boards, and provides guidance to OEF’s senior leadership.

The Executive Assistant will work very closely with the CEO to assist him with a wide range of administrative duties as they relate to his work on behalf of the Foundation working in coordination with the CEO’s Corporate Assistant.  Duties will include but are not limited to: managing calendars and schedule, arranging travel, attending meetings with and on behalf of the CEO, taking meeting notes, coordinating and organizing special events, managing special projects, and writing on a variety of topics of interest to OEF. This position will be exposed to sensitive foundation information that others on the team may not be privy to and will be asked to make sensitive and critical judgment calls from time to time.

Job Type

Salaried; Exempt; Full-time; Typical schedule will be Monday through Friday starting at 7:30 am with Tuesdays and Thursdays spent working directly with the CEO as well as some evenings and weekends.  The remainder of the time will be spent working with and supporting the Strategic Advisor.  Flexibility to work evenings and weekends as needed is required.


Range: $62,00 – $65,000 annually.

Reports To

Founder/CEO and Strategic Advisor