Datasets & Tools

Datasets & Tools

One Earth Future believes that empirical evidence is fundamental to understanding complex issues. In partnership with the communities we serve, our experts are regularly developing datasets and tools to inform our on-going programmatic work and help drive our collective understanding of the root causes of armed conflict.

Rulers Elections Dataset

Rulers, Elections, and Irregular Governance (REIGN) Dataset

The REIGN dataset is updated monthly, and includes indicators associated with country regimes, government leaders, and elections and regime changes for more than 200 countries from 1950 to the present. This dataset is the primary data used by the One Earth Future CoupCast project. Learn more
Terrorist Dataset

Terrorist & Insurgent Organization Social Services (TIOS) Dataset

Good governance is at the heart of sustainable peace, and violent groups often co-opt other forms of governance when they operate in an area. The TIOS Dataset provides indicators associated with whether and how more than 400 violent non-state actors provide public goods and services internationally, and can be used to help understand the dynamics of governance by violent non-state actors. Learn more
Activity Coup Cast

CoupCast - Political Forecasting

CoupCast uses historical data and machine learning to predict the likelihood of a coup attempt occurring in any country on a month to month basis. Using historical coup activity, CoupCast identifies the baseline risk factors and short-term triggers that greatly increase the likelihood of a coup. Learn more