Tianran Xu for 38 North: ''Surpass the Cutting Edge: Reflections on North Korea’s Failed May 27 Satellite Launch''

In the publication for 38 North, ONN Analyst Tianran Xu discusses North Korea's first space launch vehicle powered by liquid-oxygen engines and its implications for the country's missile and space programs.

On May 27, 2024, North Korea launched a new rocket carrying the Malligyong-1-1 spy satellite, which exploded during the first stage. Kim Jong Un confirmed the failure was due to a first-stage engine malfunction. This was North Korea's ninth satellite launch attempt and sixth failure. The rocket, potentially the first North Korean carrier rocket using LOX-kerosene propellants, aims for sun-synchronous orbit. While this shift to LOX-kerosene engines suggests an advancement in space launch technology, it is unlikely to impact North Korea's ballistic missile capabilities.