OEF Presents Innovation in Partnerships, SDG14: Life Below Water Event

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Event Date: Monday, February 13, 2017
Event Location: International Peace Institute in New York

One Earth Future (OEF), the International Peace Institute (IPI), the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations, and the World Ocean Council presented Innovation in Partnerships: SGD14 Life Below Water. The event provided a platform for multi-stakeholder conversations between civil society, UN diplomats, and private sector representatives to develop partnerships and advance progress on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14. It was facilitated by OEF's Secure Fisheries program in cooperation with IPI and was hosted at IPI in New York.

Participants at the event recognized the ambitious nature of SDG14, as five of its seven targets are due before the year 2030. The United Nations Oceans Conference in June intends to generate action items and partnerships among stakeholders in furtherance of SDG14, and this event was intended to be a forerunner to complement that conference and jumpstart alliances. Following panel discussions and roundtable workshops, participants recommended several next steps, such as centralizing partnership initiatives to prevent duplication of efforts, building on data-sharing initiatives, establishing a working group to incentivize implementation among countries and industry, and raising awareness through a global communication strategy that focuses on success stories.

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Photos by Joe Peoples

President of the UN General Assembly H.E. Mr. Peter Thomson, speaks at a panel with Dr. Sarah Glaser, Paige Roberts, and Kaija Hurlburt of Secure Fisheries, and Dr. Ayana Johnson

Participants engage in roundtable discussion

Participants engage in roundtable discussion

OEF President Larry Sampler gives remarks

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