Somalia Fisheries Forum 2019: Building a Roadmap for Successful Small-Scale Somali Fisheries

somalia fisheries forum 2019


OEF's Secure Fisheries program will be hosting the 2019 Somalia Fisheries Forum in Garowe, Somalia. Building off the success and excitement generated by the 2017 Somalia Fisheries Forum, SFF 2019 will explore tangible ways to build a successful and sustainable fishing sector that provides long-term food and economic security for Somalis. General topics include leveraging human capital through workshops and trainings, building and expanding the fisheries supply chain, improving sustainable and effective fisheries management, and promoting partnerships to enhance good practices, expertise, and knowledge. 

The forum will utilize a variety of different formats catered to each topic of discussion, including panels, roundtable discussions, skills-based workshops and trainings, and keynote presentations. Participants will also be able to exhibit their businesses during a trade-show.

Online registration is required for attendance and forum details will be shared after each participant’s registration is processed and accepted. Registration for the 2019 Somalia Fisheries Forum will close on April 16 or once we reach 250 participants.

Find out more and register here.

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