"Albright acted as model, mentor for generations of women"

OSF Director Sahana Dharmapuri spoke to AP News about Madeleine Albright’s passing and the impact Albright’s legacy made on her.

Not only did she break the ceiling, she brought people along with her, whether they were close to her or like me who saw her from a distance and said, ‘I can do that too.'

"Dissatisfied with the temporary job she accepted after graduating from the University of Chicago, Sahana Dharmapuri felt the pressure to find work using her studies of the Middle East and public policy.

Scanning a newspaper on her lunch break, she found a full-page ad featuring a portion of a speech by then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on the effort to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestine. Dharmapuri tore the page out and took it with her when she moved to Washington, D.C., to hunt for a meaningful job.

It was the start of a career shaped by Albright’s example, from her history-making appointment as the first female Secretary of State to the decades she spent mentoring, teaching and speaking to women."

The article featuring Director Dharmapuri was also referenced by Fortune, the Chicago Tribune, NBC and its affiliates, and the nationwide morning AP News brief on March 26. 

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