Coup in Zimbabwe: The End of an Era?

Coup in Zimbabwe
An armored personnel carrier stations by an intersection as Zimbabwean soldiers regulate traffic in Harare on November 15, 2017. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

A recent article by John Filitz, a researcher with One Earth Future’s OEF Research program examines the crisis in Zimbabwe. By looking at historical events within the country dating back to the early 1980’s, his article highlights key moments along the timeline, culminating in the removal of President Robert Mugabe.  

Read Understanding Zimbabwe’s Coup now.

Also check out Mugabe: An Unlikely End, a further examination of the current political turmoil in Zimbabwe. The article, written by OEF Research with contributions from staff members Sasha Egorova, Curtis Bell and Conor Seyle, examines the events in Zimbabwe through the lense of OEF Research's forecasting model, CoupCast.

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