Sean Duncan, Project Specialist at One Earth Future

Sean Duncan

Project Specialist

Sean Duncan is a Project Specialist for One Earth Future's Impact, Learning & Accountability department. Prior to joining OEF, Duncan served as a Regional Director for the Borgen Project, interned with the Assistant Majority Leader of the Colorado State House of Representatives, and worked closely with local non-profit organizations to raise awareness around important policy issues affecting Coloradans. He also interned with a small startup company where he facilitated government relations and assisted with regulatory compliance. As a result, Duncan has valuable experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. He holds an MPP with an emphasis in International Policy and National Security from the Institute for Public Policy Studies and the Josef Korbel School of International Affairs, as well as a BA with a double major in Political Science and Public Policy. He completed both degrees in five years and graduated from the University of Denver in 2016.