Jon Huggins

Senior Advisor

Mr. Huggins currently serves as Senior Advisor at One Earth Future. Formerly, Mr. Huggins served as Director of One Earth Future's Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) Program Director from 2010 to 2017 where he has focused on promoting multi-stakeholder cooperation between industry, governments and civil society as the most effective and sustainable way to fight piracy. Under Mr. Huggins leadership, the OBP program produced ground-breaking reports on the Economic and Human Cost of Piracy, brokered agreements between leading Flag States for better reporting on the Human Cost, and formed public-private partnerships to improve counter-piracy messaging. Before arriving in Colorado, Mr. Huggins served as NATO’s Operational Liaison Officer to the European Union in Brussels, where he was responsible for coordinating interaction between NATO and EU missions in the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan and the Balkans. Mr. Huggins also served on the Operations Staff at NATO Headquarters, where he developed plans and policy recommendations for NATO missions. During his career in the US Navy, Huggins served as a Mission Commander of Naval Surveillance planes on missions over the Pacific Ocean, Middle East and Afghanistan, as well as major staffs in Japan and Washington, DC and was a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council of the United States.