Andrew Mack


Andrew Mack is the Director of the Human Security Report Project (HSRP) at Simon Fraser University and a faculty member of the university’s new School for International Studies. Professor Mack has also held research and teaching positions at Harvard, the University of British Columbia, Australian National University, among many other academic institutions. From 1998 to 2001 he was Director of the Strategic Planning Office in the Executive Office of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. His pre-academic career included six years in the Royal Air Force (as an engineer and pilot); two and a half years in Antarctica as a meteorologist and deputy base commander; a year as a diamond prospector in Sierra Leone; and two years with the BBC’s World Service writing and broadcasting news commentaries and producing the current affairs program, The World Today. Professor Mack has written and edited some 16 monographs and books and his 60-plus scholarly articles have appeared in a wide range of journals. He is also widely published in mainstream print media.