Conor Seyle, Director of Research at One Earth Future

Conor Seyle


Conor Seyle is a political psychologist and holds a PhD in social psychology from the University of Texas. He plans and directs the activities of the research department, which works to promote evidence-based practice in peacebuilding and advance OEF's approach to coordination and multidimensional peacebuilding. Conor's background is in evidence-based practice in social impact programming, with specific work in disaster behavioral health and the intersection of governance and peacebuilding. Before coming to OEF, Conor worked as a researcher for NGOs including the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, Issues Deliberation Australia/America, and Psychology Beyond Borders. He has also worked on deliberative democracy initiatives including the National Issues Forums and Americans Discuss Social Security, and is a trainer for the US Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program.