Kelsey Coolidge


Kelsey Coolidge conducts research that supports the work of OEF’s research associates. Formerly involved with initiating and managing the group’s social media presence and blogs, Kelsey now focuses exclusively on research and event support. Starting in September of 2014, Kelsey will continue her studies by attending the Josef Korbel School at the University of Denver for a master’s degree in International Administration and will enter the Peace Corps in the spring of 2016. Graduating in May 2012 with a BS with honors in international relations and environmental studies from the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy and International Relations, her strategic research interests include Middle East and North Africa regional affairs, international development, and peace and security studies. She spent the summer of 2010 in Amman, Jordan on a study aboard program. Some of her previous experiences include two internships at the United Nations working as a research and communications intern with PeaceWomen and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors hiking, running, camping, and practicing yoga.