Nuclear Experts

The Gray Spectrum | Ethical Decision Making with Geospatial and Open Source Analysis

Geo Spacial Ethical Decision Making

Authors: Open Nuclear Network & Stanley Center
Date of Release: 28 January 2019
Publication Type: Report
Keywords: geospatial, ethics, nuclear weapons, OSINT, open source analysis, satellite imagery, remote sensing, nuclear risk reduction, GIS
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Researchers and analysts working outside of governments are now able to make remarkable contributions to international security using publicly available satellite imagery. While the open source community has a growing toolbox of technical skills, analysts often lack guidance or a support network when they come across ethical dilemmas. Open Nuclear Network & the Stanley Center convened some of the world's top open source analysts to address these issues.

Key Findings

  • A code of conduct could serve as a unifying best practice among non-government open source analysts and increase accountability.
  • The community has a strong desire for "ethical education" to provide resources and frameworks for answering ethical dilemmas.
  • Peer support groups can help individuals facing dilemmas, but they will need resources to organize.