Secure Fisheries News

Strengthening Maritime Resources To Combat Illegal Fishing In The Indian Ocean Indian Ocean fish stocks have declined in recent years, there has been increased action to combat illegal fishing to ensure continued food and economic security in the region. However, there is a growing concern that most Indian Ocean states still lack the basic resources and capabilities needed to monitor their maritime domain and regulate maritime activities to prevent illegal fishing and ensure food security.

New Report on Fish Wars

Secure Fisheries, a program of OEF, released a new report of original research on fisheries conflict, examining causes and consequences of conflict in Tanzania. 

New Report on Somali Coastal Resources Development Opportunities

Interest in the Somali fishing sector is growing. Development agencies, donors, and investors see the potential for fisheries in Somali waters to provide income, food security, and stability in coastal communities. But reliable and up-to-date information about the state of Somali fisheries is difficult to find, complicating business decisions.