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Somali Diaspora Investment Survey Preliminary Findings

OEF's Shuraako program co-hosted a preview and discussion of the Somali Diaspora Investment Survey, ahead of the full report launch later this year. George Washington University Center for International Business Education and Research (GW-CIBER) co-hosted the event, where the Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered the keynote address.

Shuraako Announces Powering Progress Fund

OEF's Shuraako program has partnered with Dahabshil Bank International and the Arsenault Family Foundation for the Powering Progress Fund, which aims to create impact through investments in renewable energy technology.

Somaliland Private Sector Poised for Growth

OEF's Shuraako program hosted the Somaliland Investment Forum in Hargeisa in late 2016, an event that brought together entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders to focus on strengthening private sector development and investment.


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