Agnes Kabambi, Program Coordinator at One Earth Future

Agnès Kabambi

Program Coordinator

Agnès is the Program Coordinator for One Earth Future's Shuraako program. Prior to joining Shuraako, Agnès worked as a consultant for her boutique social enterprise, Musau Evaluation Consulting, where she designed and developed frameworks and systems for the implementation of effective monitoring and evaluation of community-based programs. At Shuraako she is a part of the Project Management and Reporting team, and champions the work of the Shuraako team by helping to coordinate moving program pieces while also supporting the documentation, automation, and streamlining of program systems and processes. Agnès brings valuable experience in community-based program monitoring and evaluation and holds a B.S. in Economics and B.A. in Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity. She spends her free time tending to her dozens of plants, working on her sci-fi book series and managing her business.