Recommendations for Implementing the Global Fragility Act

Global Fragility Act report recommendations

Today’s violent conflicts are much more complex and protracted, and traditional development assistance and diplomacy have not kept pace. The status quo is not working. The challenges facing peacebuilding at this moment are significant, complex, and interconnected. They require new ways of working together. 

2020’s bi-partisan Global Fragility Act (GFA) marks a step in this direction, as the beginning of the US government’s attempt to significantly restructure how peacebuilding and stabilization work around the world is planned and executed. The GFA calls for the first-ever comprehensive US government strategy to tackle and prevent alarming levels of global conflict. However, in order to be successful, implementation of the GFA cannot just be business as usual. Instead it calls for long-term, coordinated activities from a range of actors.

A new report from OEF and the Alliance for Peacebuilding draws on consultations with peacebuilders and stakeholders both inside and outside the government to offer 14 detailed recommendations for how to best implement the GFA. 

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