Courtney Tee

Monitoring & Evaluation Manager, Peace Negotiation

Courtney is a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist on OEF's Impact, Learning, and Accountability team. She oversees the development and execution of evaluation frameworks that help peacemaking programs identify key insights, iterate on successes, and track growth. Courtney’s previous experience spans academic research, monitoring and evaluation for NGOs, and social policy work in state and national arenas. She specializes in qualitative methods, social network analysis, and measurement in complex systems. Throughout her career, her driving motivation has been to bridge the gap between theory and practice and use her research to inform progress towards humanitarian goals. Courtney holds a bachelor’s in sociology from Abilene Christian University and a master’s in philosophy and education from Harvard University. In her free time, she enjoys reading, trying out any of Colorado’s many outdoor activities, and playing frisbee with her border collie.