Haley Littleton

Communications Manager

As Communications Manager, Haley is responsible for the implementation of strategies that strengthen One Earth Future’s brand and raise local and international visibility. Haley focuses on strategic planning, media relations, content creation, website user experience, performance management, and project management at OEF. Haley received an undergraduate degree in English and Political Communication and a masters degree in Literature and Creative Writing from the University Denver. Haley’s graduate work focused on narratives in environmental literary theory and how rhetoric can be used in the climate change movement to inspire political consensus and action. Haley has ten years of experience in the communications and editorial field working with literary magazines, outdoor industry publications, including a mentorship based women’s development organization focused on developing female writers in the outdoor industry, and environmental outlets. Prior to joining OEF, Haley managed communications, media relations, and marketing for local government in Summit County, Colorado, focusing on sustainable economic development, equity and inclusion, and climate impacts to mountain communities. In her spare time, Haley does advocacy work for increased outdoor access, libraries, equity, and the arts. When not reading, writing, or cooking, Haley is somewhere in the backcountry on her mountain bike or skis.

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