Peace in Colombia: Building Strong Communities with Milk

After half a century of conflict, a peace agreement has been reached between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government. The two groups pledged to work together toward peace by reintegrating ex-combatants into society and create infrastructure projects that promote economic development in rural areas. In Vereda El Placer, Buga, OEF's PASO Colombia program is working with residents, who have lived under FARC control for over fifty years, to build a milk processing plant. 

“Peace is a question of relationships because peace, or conflict, is the result of human interaction,” says Juan Fernando Lucio, director of PASO Colombia.

Once built, the milk refrigeration and processing plant will directly benefit 200 dairy farmers. The plant will increase the surrounding communities’ access to milk and yogurt, will provide jobs and help with the reintegration of ex-combatants, and will drive economic growth. 

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