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US Group Worked To Free Hostages

John Steed, the Horn of Africa director for OEF's program Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), worked for nearly two years to gain the release of 26 hostages freed by Somali pirates.

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Hostages Held by Somali Pirates Are Freed

Following more than four years in captivity, 26 Asian sailors held hostage by Somali pirates have returned to safety, with support from OEF's program Oceans Beyond Piracy.

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The Politics of Inclusion in the DRC

OEF Researcher Jay Benson analyzes the possible motivations for incidents of political repression and inclusion by President Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Our Secure Future Senior Advisor Argues More Female Peacekeepers Will Reduce Incidents of Sexual Violence

Sahana Dharmapuri, senior advisor for One Earth Future's program, Our Secure Future, advocates for more women serving as U.N. peacekeepers as one way to decrease the incidence of sexual violence and exploitation at the hands of those trusted to keep the peace in conflict zones.

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Shuraako Announces Powering Progress Fund

OEF's Shuraako program has partnered with Dahabshil Bank International and the Arsenault Family Foundation for the Powering Progress Fund, which aims to create impact through investments in renewable energy technology.

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BBC World Service

Using Technology in the Fight Against Maritime Piracy

The BBC examines how pirates have adopted new methods for carrying out attacks and how counter-piracy operations are utilizing new technologies to stop them. OBP Director Jon Huggins weighs in on the conversation.

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CNBC Articles Discusses Modern Day Piracy, Cites OBP statistics

CNBC article looks at piracy's recent history in Somalia, West Africa and Southeast Asia, citing Oceans Beyond Piracy's economic cost findings from its State of Maritime Piracy 2015 report.

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OEF Nurtures Economic Stability in War-torn Colombia

Sustaining peace in Colombia will rely upon communities building peace with their own hands. The Denver Post spoke with PASO Colombia’s country director, Juan Fernando Lucio, to gain more insight on how One Earth Future is working with local communities to regain hope and end the tragedy of war.

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Voice of America

Voice of America Somali Features OEF Programs

Voice of America Somali featured the work and Somali Diaspora Investment Survey of OEF's Shuraako program, as well as the work of OEF's Secure Fisheries and Oceans Beyond Piracy programs.

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OEF Fellow Takes the Long View on NPR

Taking the Long View, is the World Getting More or Less Violent? NPR asked this question of OEF Fellow Andrew Mack, who analyzes trends in global violence for the Human Security Report Project. His interview recognizes the recent increases in conflicts and terrorism, yet gives reason for "cautious optimism."