This is how peace is built from the Caucano Pacific

Participants of the Guapi ERA strengthen their agricultural project thanks to funds provided by donor countries for implementing the Peace Agreement and managed jointly by the UN Verification Mission and the United Nations Development Program.

"Nearly fifty peace signers and members of the neighboring community are turning Guapi, Cauca, into a well-known node for reincorporation and peacebuilding in southwestern Colombia."

Participants of the Alternative Rural School of Guapi will strengthen their productive project thanks to the Extra-Budget funds, contributed by the donor countries to the implementation of the Peace Agreement and managed jointly by the UN Verification Mission and the United Nations Program for the development.

With the support of PASO Colombia, the organization ASOEMPREMPAZ is working on a project to raise and sell chickens, which it has been adapting to the conditions of the land. With the aim of improving chicken production and reducing costs, the new contributions received will allow them to prepare the concentrated feed that their animals require. The elaboration of artisanal concentrates is a viable and economical alternative to complement the productive units of animal husbandry, since the participants take advantage of local raw materials and reduce the impact of the increase in prices that fertilizers and industrial concentrates have had at the national level.

We highlight the work of the UN Verification Mission at the national level , supporting the reincorporation process and the productive initiatives that arise within the framework of this process. This support is key to seeking the sustainability of agricultural projects in rural areas, since they face difficult conditions such as the precariousness of roads and means of transport or the cost of imported inputs.

Find here the complete article published by the UN Verification Mission in Colombia.