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Dr. Conor Seyle
Roberto Chavarria
July 12, 2022

Incubating Peace

One Earth Future’s approach to incubating and scaling programs for sustainable peace
This brief introduces our strategy and plans with the goal of sharing strategic learnings. We hope that it will also spur reflection and discussion of our plans and best practices in the field. It explores One Earth Future’s thinking in considerable depth, describes our approach to planning, scoping...
April 21, 2021

VRAs: Traffic, Threat, & Response Awareness

The establishment of the new MDAT-GOG reporting "network" in the Gulf of Guinea and the associated changes to UKHO chart Q6114, have raised odd questions about the definitions and purpose of risk and reporting areas associated with maritime piracy. 
January 10, 2021

Networks and Peace

Sustainable peace requires coordinating work across multiple different areas including economic development, political institutions, and security. This coordination is a challenge, and peacebuilding needs good approaches for setting up and promoting better coordination. Our new policy brief delves i...
June 01, 2020

Recommendations for Implementing the Global Fragility Act

Today’s violent conflicts are much more complex and protracted, and traditional development assistance and diplomacy have not kept pace. The status quo is not working. The challenges facing peacebuilding at this moment are significant, complex, and interconnected. They require new ways of working to...
Victor Odundo Owuor
Dianna E. Almanza
December 20, 2019

Is Blockchain an Answer to Enterprise Development in Fragile States?

In an increasingly networked and digital world in which millions of transactions are recorded daily, the potential of data tampering in centralized ledgers that are the primary depository of these records can not be overemphasized. To partially confront this challenge, distributed ledger technologie...
Conor Seyle
Jinghong Wang
November 25, 2019

Private Sector Peacebuilding: A Review of Past Cases and Lessons Learned

This report reviews a dozen case studies of business engagement in peacebuilding across a variety of private sector actors, strategies, and time. It was developed as a partnership with UN Peacebuilding Support Office and PeaceNexus Foundation with engagement from the UN Global Compact, and is intend...
Erica Chenoweth
October 30, 2019

Women’s Participation and The Fate Of Nonviolent Campaigns

This research examines the effects of women’s representation in resistance movements on their choice of strategies and movement effectiveness. The Women in Resistance (WiRe) data set is the first attempt to assess resistance movements on the degree to which they incorporate women into their politica...