Report of the Dialogues for Peace Forum in the East of Cali

Date: May 7, 2016

Authors: Juan Fernando Lucio, David Alejandro Schöeler -Diaz, Cristian David García, Gabriela Gutiérrez

Overview: This report analyses and summarizes the results of the first forum "Let's Dialogue for Peace from Our Territories ¡Peace is Ours!” held in May 2016 at the Compartir School in the East of Cali, in partnership with the Interurban Reconciliation and Coexistence Commission (CIURC). Approximately 400 social leaders representing 50 neighborhoods from the east of Cali participated in the forum.

At the forum, 18 working groups of social leaders explored how to commit to peacebuilding through concrete actions rooted in specific communities and territories. The main questions guiding the discussion were: What do we mean by peace? What kind of peace do we want? The report includes a qualitative analysis of the following subjects:

  1. Law, transitional and punitive justice
  2. Dialogue and participation
  3. Social organizations and public institutions
  4. Education
  5. Inclusion and exclusion
  6. Values ​​and respect
  7. Dynamics associated with conflict and violence, among others.

This report shows what the communities understand about the territorial realities of the peace process, as well as their worries, concerns and concrete courses of action for peacebuilding in the territories.