A Different Approach to the Reincorporation of Ex-Combatants

The Case of PASO Colombia

We share the following article from Juan Fernando Lucio, director of PASO Colombia, published in the IntechOpen edition of "Peace and Global Security" (Edited by Dr. Norman Chivasa). 


"The process of reincorporation of ex combatants of the former FARC-EP guerrilla adopted a collective approach, different from the one applied since 2006 by the Government of Colombia which was mainly individualistic and urban. The new approach however was jeopardized by extreme centralization and bureaucracy, making the finance and execution of productive projects of former combatants slow and in many cases unsuccessful. In this context, PASO Colombia program of the One Earth Future Foundation developed an alternative model of collective reincorporation adaptable to the specific necessities of each territory incorporating to this model of work important social, economic, educational and governance features. This article analyzes this experience and narrates the strategies undertaken in order to assure appropriate adaptation to different scenarios. The article also addresses the main components of the model as well as the outcomes it has generated in terms of creating dialog and conflict resolution spaces where common goals are developed by ex-combatants and communities working together. Finally this experience of collective reincorporation is made available to new peace initiatives underway in Colombia and, hopefully in the world.

Article available here.

Fernando Lucio López, J. (2023). A Different Approach to the Reincorporation of Ex-Combatants: The Case of PASO Colombia. IntechOpen. doi: 10.5772/intechopen.111802