New Report: The Important Role of City Governments in Responding to Climate Migrants

A new report by OEF Research explores the links of climate change to urban fragility and underlines how city governments can address the peace and security challenges that arise from influxes of climate migrants.

Why Global Coup Risk is Down and What a Coup-Free 2017 Could Mean for International Politics

2017 is on track to become the second calendar year in nearly a century without an attempted coup d’état.

Lake Victoria future of cage aquaculture
Blog Series Explores Mounting Conflict over Lake Victoria Fisheries

Staff from OEF's Secure Fisheries program have been in the Lake Victoria region as part of a team conducting scientific surveys.

Building a First-of-its-Kind Regional Reintegration Plan in Colombia

At the invitation of OEF's PASO Colombia program, which is coordinating development of plans for reincorporation of ex-combatants, the mayor of Cali recently visited a transitional rural zone where FARC's ex-combatants are concentrated.

Alternative Facts and Unconscious Bias: How We are Less Rational than We Think

Serious global challenges require thoughtful responses based on data and evidence, but it seems to be increasingly challenging to discern whether fact or value has triumphed.

maritime security somali waters
OEF's Stable Seas Report Shows Maritime Security About More than Piracy

In a new report, our programs OEF Research, Oceans Beyond Piracy, and Secure Fisheries show how illicit activies in the Somali region reinforce each other and add to instability at sea and on shore.

Gender, Sustainability, and livelihoods through piangua
In Punta Bonita, Piangua is Life

Livelihoods in Punta Bonita, Colombia are closely tied to collecting the mollusk known as piangua. Women, who make up a majority of the piangua fishers, tend to be overlooked and underpaid, and meanwhile, piangua are becoming harder to find.

Social Media in Peace and Security Operations

After participating in online brainstorming for NATO’s Innovation Hub, OEF's Our Secure Future program began to think more deeply about the utility of social media in peace and security operations.