2021 Progress Report: Open Nuclear Network

2021 Program Progress Report
Laura Rockwood and Veronika Bedenko looking over a document


One Earth Future’s goal with Open Nuclear Network (ONN), its newest initiative within the Foundation’s portfolio of peacebuilding programs, is to reduce the risk that nuclear weapons are used in response to error, uncertainty or misdirection—particularly in the context of escalating conflict—using innovation, inclusion, and dialogue supported by open-source data.


Program Incubation Progress



ONN incubation progress




ONN’s approach has two key components: rigorous analysis of nuclear risk factors using open-source intelligence (OSINT) and a dedicated network of high-ranking government and IO officials. This means that all of ONN’s analytical products can be swiftly and directly delivered to decision-makers, providing impartial analysis in the face of potentially escalatory misinformation and creating opportunities for dialogue through shared information.

Though ONN is a young program, the impact of the initiative can already be seen. The ONN team has established itself as a trusted source for analysis among diplomats, government officials, and nuclear experts. ONN’s diverse team of experts and analysts has language capabilities in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, French, and Italian, allowing ONN access to a breadth of media not available to most similarly sized organizations. Most importantly, ONN has come to be known as a reliable resource for a rigorous, thoughtful view of the Korean Peninsula, with requests for ONN briefs and expertise rising by over 300% in 2021. 



2021 in Numbers

publications and analyses shared globally in 2021
global requests for briefings on the Korean Peninsula, nuclear risk reduction, and open-source analysis in 2021
consultative meetings with government officials in 2021
increase in requests for ONN briefings and expertise in 2021


  • ONN’s briefing on “lessons learned” from the JCPOA negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear program, which aims to distill insights that could be applied to talks with North Korea, was presented at ten high-level gatherings throughout 2021, helping key governments shape their negotiation strategies towards North Korea in a way that will advance dialogue while avoiding conflict. 
  • ONN’s reports on North Korea were delivered to key officials in Asia, Europe, and the US, raising global awareness of the critical importance of DPRK issues and keeping in the front of their minds the need for progress towards diplomatic solutions.
  • The ONN team is in regular communication with the North Korean Embassy in Vienna, a rare feat for any organization, and is delivering evidence-based analytical products to help shape pathways for the country’s international cooperation and participation in dialogue.
  • One Earth Future’s ONN team was invited to brief key players like the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with the Korean Peninsula, South Korean parliamentarians, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs, and the International Atomic Energy Agency on prospects and possibilities for reducing nuclear risk on the Korean Peninsula. 
  • The ONN program’s analysts and experts offered their insights to global media outlets, which has raised awareness of the importance of DPRK issues among the public while countering misinformation and disinformation




"This is very handy for watching the widely expected North Korean military parade." Martyn Williams, journalist 38North, research fellow Stimson Center, founder NKtechwatch; on the ONN DPRK Military Parade Viewbook 2022:

"ONN has released a databook on various missiles and rocket forces recently released before the North Korean military parade. It's very easy to understand, so please check it out." - Tarao Goo, OSINT researcher, collaborator Oryx blog; on the ONN DPRK Military Parade Viewbook 2022. 

"The IAEA and ONN share a common goal: reducing the risk of nuclear weapons use. We also share the view that open source data analysis is a critical element in the IAEA's verification of states' compliance with their non-proliferation undertakings. We look forward to supporting the IAEA in its important contribution to international peace and security." -Laura Rockwood, Director ONN; on ONN's partnership with the IAEA.



2021 in Media

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Meeting with South Korean parliamentarians in Brussels
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We look forward to supporting the IAEA in its important contribution to international peace and security." -Laura Rockwood, Director ONN; on ONN's partnership with the IAEA.