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Peace Negotiation and Diplomatic Engagement
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Tianran Xu
Jaewoo Shin
Elin Bergner
July 12, 2023

Nuclear Risk Assessment Report - June 2023

In an attempt to more comprehensively assess nuclear risks on and around the Korean Peninsula, this monthly Report examines the DPRK’s and the ROK’s nuclear and military spheres, as well as activities and policy decisions across main domestic and foreign policy spheres that could impact nuclear risk...
July 10, 2023

ONN Launches Korean Peninsula Analysis Centre

ONN is pleased to introduce the Korean Peninsula Analysis Centre (KPAC). The KPAC is a platform for collecting and sharing open-source information and analysis on nuclear risks on and around the Korean Peninsula.
Tianran Xu
June 29, 2023

Size Estimates of DPRK's Nuclear Devices

The DPRK nuclear warheads showcased before 2023 have a maximum diameter of around 600 mm and were likely intended to be delivered by ballistic missiles. The Hwasan-31 nuclear warhead, newly revealed in late March 2023, has a reduced diameter of around 460 mm, suggesting advances in miniaturization. ...