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February 15, 2023

Paving the road to reconciliation

We share this note made by the UN Verification Mission in Colombia about the commercial and reconciliation advances the members of the Café Venus brand have made with the support of our Rural Alternative School of Tuluá and its partners.
February 15, 2023

Pavimentando el camino hacia la reconciliación

Compartimos esta nota que hace la Misión de Verificación de la ONU en Colombia, sobre los avances comerciales y de reconciliación que los integrantes de la marca Café Venus han hecho con el apoyo de nuestra Escuela Rural Alternativa de Tuluá y sus aliados.
Tianran Xu
February 13, 2023

Update on the DPRK's 600 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System

Strategic Delivery Vehicle Developments Series
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea acknowledged in 2020 that there were issues related to the production of the 600 mm calibre multiple launch rocket system (MLRS). The delivery of thirty such MLRS in December 2022 suggests that these problems have been resolved.
February 02, 2023

ONN Launches Its First Nuclear Risk Reduction Newsletter

The Open Nuclear Network's Nuclear Risk Reduction Newsletter features an end-of-the-month summary of key developments on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia and updates on publications and activities by the ONN team and members of its Engagement Network, ONN's group of trusted advisers.
Marcy Fowler
Sarah Laderman
Valeriia Hesse
January 19, 2023

ONN Expert Roundup: Northeast Asia Consequences of Nuclear Escalation in Ukraine

The use of a nuclear weapon anywhere in the world would have far-reaching consequences, with effects extending well beyond the immediate area of impact. ONN has previously noted that any further escalation in Ukraine could potentially expand into an increase in military activity or force re-alignmen...