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March 14, 2017

Fish Wars: How Fishing Can Start and Stop Conflict

Fisheries can make conflict worse or better, and conflict can make fisheries worse or better. The result depends on other conditions on the ground, timing, and location of the conflict. But the result is not pre-ordained.
March 14, 2017

How Fishing Can Start and Stop Conflict

Understanding the links between fisheries and violent armed conflict is becoming increasingly important. This blog from OEF’s Secure Fisheries program shines light on the complicated links of how fisheries can both prevent and cause armed conflict, and how conflict can harm fisheries or cause fisher...
February 03, 2017

For Predicting Elections Globally, Polls Do Surprisingly Well

Assumptions underlying election result predictions have been encountering wide criticism. This study, published in the journal Science, reports the results of a multiyear program to predict direct executive elections in a variety of countries from globally pooled data.
Kelsey Coolidge
January 09, 2017

OEF Research: Why Female Heads of State Have Declined in Recent Years

In 2016 alone, not only did Hillary Clinton and Keiko Fujimori of Peru lose extremely contentious presidential elections, Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff and South Korea’s Park Geun-hye were forced from power. Half as many women hold the highest political office as did in the beginning of 2014.
November 03, 2016

OEF Continues Peace Efforts in Colombia

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 7, less than one week after Colombians rejected the peace deal negotiated between the government and FARC rebels, underscoring the complexities involved in winning peace.
August 03, 2016

Transboundary collaboration: Reducing conflicts around fisheries

Fish is an important food for over 400 million Africans. Yet this essential resource is threatened by overfishing due to the lack of strong policies and regulations. Managing fisheries and preventing overfishing has proven difficult when there is open access to water resources, which inherently prom...
July 10, 2016

Trying to See the Forest for the Trees Amid Violence in Congo

Though the label reflects how sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war, the label masks women’s powerful activism for peace and political participation in their country, depicting them solely as victims rather than agents of change. It also obscures their varying priorities for security, and...
July 05, 2016

Fishy Agreements

Across one continent, two similar countries—Mauritania and Somalia—have diverged in their fisheries development. The Somali region may be positioned to follow in the footsteps of Mauritania, a country that has received a great deal of revenue through fisheries agreements. But will that help or hurt ...
June 09, 2016

Overfished - Yellowfin Tuna on the Brink

From sandwiches to sushi, tuna is a global staple. World tuna catch is worth more than $42 billion annually, making the tuna industry a giant in the fishing world. It supports millions of jobs and provides food security for people in developed and developing countries alike.