Past Events

members of the American Fisheries Society
International Fisheries Networks Connect at the American Fisheries Society

Secure Fisheries contributed lessons learned from its work in data-poor fisheries in the Horn of Africa where it uses research to impact well-being and education at the 148th meeting of the American Fisheries Society.

Preventing Mass Atrocity Crimes: Is There a Responsibility Not to Veto?

Do the permanent five members of the UN Security Council have a responsibility to forego their veto power in situations where decisive Council action could prevent mass atrocity crimes?

panelists at the Women in Maritime event
Women, Peace and Maritime Security: Equal Opportunities in Maritime Security

One Earth Future, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime held a joint event panel discussion at the IMO to discuss women in maritime security. 

Conor Seyle Presents on Engaged Psychology

OEFR Director, Dr. Conor Seyle was in Houston on Friday, April 13th giving an invited address to the Southwest Psychological Association on engaged psychology in order to encourage a greater appreciation for evidence-based practice in the field.

Alex Amling Presents Research Project on Colombian Ex-combatants

Her research project conducted focus-group interviews with a number of female and male ex-combatants from different armed groups in March and April 2017.

OEFR Data Scientist Clayton Besaw, attends the 2018 Peace Tech Summit

OEFR Data Scientist Clayton Besaw, is traveling to Washington DC to attend the 2018 Peace Tech Summit, held at the United States Institute of Peace. The... more

University of Miami
Sarah Glaser Discusses Fisheries Conflict at University of Miami

Secure Fisheries’ Sarah Glaser gave a talk, "Boat burning in Uganda, piracy in Somalia, and slavery in our seafood: solving fisheries conflict as a #MarineBiologistInDenver,” at the University of Miami.

Caught red handed workshops
Caught Red-Handed Workshops Launch

As a partner of the Caught Red-Handed maritime capacity building project, Secure Fisheries will host a series of workshops during 2018 to develop a harmonized guide for the collection of maritime data by all coastal and island nations in the Western Indian Ocean.