Experimental Negotiation Initiative (xNI)

2020 Program Incubation & Impact Summary

Over the past several years, xNI has been working to codify the negotiation practices of top peace negotiation advisors like William Ury. The fruits of this effort can be found in the BB3 methodology, which helps negotiation advisers go to the Balcony to see the big picture, build the Bridges necessary to create positive sum outcomes, and mobilize the 3rd Side to help decision-makers choose peace.

xNI used the Covid crisis to enhance the scalability of its model, learning to implement BB3 virtually, and introducing a training model that maximizes the value of the remote technologies we have all been relying on over the past year. xNI hosted its first training cohort in 2020, and participants agreed that the tools and methodologies the team created were both practically useful and positively impactful.

Program Incubation Progress

1. Providing a Scaleable Model
2. Systematizing the Model
3. Partnering to Scale