Fisheries Play a Key Role in Somaliland's Economic Growth

Long-term solutions for sustainable fisheries in Somaliland

Although it faces many challenges, Somaliland is making significant progress in its efforts to stabilize and expand its economy. To focus attention and encourage the exchange of ideas on the economic development potential of the region, OEF's program Shuraako recently hosted the Somaliland Investment Forum in Hargeisa. An important contributor to a stable and thriving economy in Somalia is the fishing sector.

Paige Roberts of Secure Fisheries, another OEF program, attended the forum and facilitated a panel discussion on current challenges and future solutions for Somaliland fisheries. Panelists included fishers, government representatives, international development professionals, and other stakeholders in the fishing community. While differing perspectives emerged on what the biggest challenges were and how to solve them, a main message of focusing on long-term solutions prevailed. 

Learn more about the specific solutions and viewpoints discussed, including more about the Forum, here.

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