OEF's Stable Seas Report Shows Maritime Security About More than Piracy

maritime security somali waters

Many forms of criminal networks, including illegal fishing, black markets, piracy, and human trafficking, have taken advantage of the strategic location of Somali waters and poor governance capacity of the Somali region. These networks constantly seek new ways to profit from insufficient maritime governance. In a new report, our programs OEF Research, Oceans Beyond Piracy, and Secure Fisheries show how these illicit activities reinforce each other and add to instability at sea and on shore. Long-term maritime security in the region will require building the capacity to sustainably manage and patrol Somali waters.

Dr. Curtis Bell of OEF Research, one of the lead authors of the report, presented the key findings for discussion at the May 3 launch of Oceans Beyond Piracy's State of Maritime Piracy 2016

Access the full report, graphics, and summary here.

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