Recognizing the Crucial Role Women Play in Peace and Security Around the World

International Women's Day


Every year, March 8th marks a call for justice around the world. It’s a day where we seek equal treatment, conditions and opportunities for women; while at the same time recognizing and celebrating the tremendous social, economic, cultural and political contributions they are making every day.

Through its research and programming, One Earth Future witnesses firsthand the incredible contributions women make, as well as the challenges they still face in the fight for women’s inclusion and equal opportunity.

Women play a crucial role in governance and peacekeeping across the globe. From the conflict in Yemen to the quest for peace and reconciliation in Colombia, the need for more women’s involvement in peace and security is clear, as is the need for more support from their male counterparts. Whether as entrepreneurs starting or expanding businesses in Somalia, or as key contributors to the fisheries value chains that ensure food security throughout East Africa, women’s roles are often overlooked and understated.

One Earth Future and its programs are committed to supporting the aspirations and ideals that International Women’s Day represents, not only today, but every day.



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